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High School kids showing books bought with grant funds
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school kids showing new printer provide through grant money

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school kid learning with equiptment funded by MSEF

MSEF Granting cycle is now open for Mount Shasta Elementary, Sisson and Mount Shasta Highschool. Check in with your school office for an application or email us at to request an application today! 

Application Deadline is 

October 23, 2023. 

Mission Statement

The Mt. Shasta Education Foundation is an independent organization that offers educational enrichment programs for elementary and high school students in the Mount Shasta community.

The goal is to bring to students programs that may not be funded through the public schools due to budget constraints.

Therefore the MSEF seeks to:

• Raise funds for programs, supplies and instruction

• Involve community members in the educational process

• Support our local students and help them prepare for successful futures

Thank you notes from our local teachers

"The students here at MSE and I are enjoying the books that you funded through the MSEF 2016 Grant.  We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your efforts and dedication to our schools! I was able to purchase several popular new series, animal books, as well as several picture books.  Attached are pictures of students enjoying our new books."

"Thank you to the Mt. Shasta Education Foundation for purchasing the iPads and Sphero robots for me. Using them with my class last year was a highlight for me. 

 Although my application was to mainly get the iPads to run the Spheros, I wound up also using them for multimedia projects, and this year they are an integral part of my language arts program as they are used daily for interactive reading."

Thank you for your support for our students, school and for all of the schools in the Mount Shasta community. We are so fortunate to be able to partner with you in service to our students.   

Sati Shah, Principal of Mt. Shasta High School.


"MSEF grants always bring a breath of fresh air into the classroom by providing materials that would never otherwise be part of the school day. My students grew and experimented on plants and built amazing STEAM creations thanks to MSEF support." 

Kris Wolmar Mount Shasta Elementary school

"Dear MSEF,

Our Bee-Bots have arrived!  We have been enjoying using these cute robots. While playing with our Bee-Bots we have been problem solving, sequencing, cooperating, learning directions, estimating, and having fun.  Thank you so much for supporting our class and giving us the opportunity to learn about coding with our new Bee-Bots."

Kindergarten Teacher

"Thank you for giving our students the opportunity to experience these new titles.  They have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these new books and are enjoying them immensely.  It is rewarding for me to be able to encourage their love of reading by providing them with updated selections. 

Thank you, again, for your generosity."

Librarian, Mt. Shasta High School

Sat, Oct 20, 2018

Thanks to your funding, every 5th grade student who wants to learn an instrument can have access to the instrument of their choice. 

Thank you!

Liz Churchill

Dec. 2019

Our 3rd graders are making good use of the sewing machines granted to our classrooms by the Education Foundation. Thank you!!

Barry Barnhart, Superintendent/Principal

at Mount Shasta Elementary school

NEWS from the Mount Shasta Herald    May 30, 2018

One-time Endowment gift to schools boosted MSEF donation total for year to over $84,000


     The Mt. Shasta Education Foundation at the end of last year decided to close the endowment fund it had been contributing to for more than 15 years and distribute that money to Mt. Shasta’s public schools.

     Those funds, combined with the Foundation’s regular grants, totaled more than $84,000 for Mount Shasta High School and Mount Shasta Union School District’s two schools.

     According to a Foundation statement: “The Mt. Shasta Education Foundation has volunteered for over twenty years on behalf of Mt. Shasta’s local public schools, carrying out our mission to financially supplement student programs that may not otherwise be funded due to budget constraints.”

The following funds were distributed in January:

     $26,822 to Mt. Shasta Union School District from the Endowment fund, including $3,083 to buy musical instruments for Liz Churchill’s music program at Sisson, $6,530 to build a greenhouse science lab.

     $13,800 to turn one portable at Mt. Shasta Elementary into a science classroom.

     At Mt. Shasta High School, $13,838 was funded ($6,697 went to purchase equipment for a new media arts class being taught in the fall by Melody Shah, and $4,475 to fund Challenge Day).

     Regular grants were distributed in March, with $28,734 going to Mt. Shasta Union School District (library books, science kits, printers and others).

     Mount Shasta High School received $15,311 from the regular grant cycle ($1,792 for Donna Chapman’s science classes, $3,447 for drums to increase Greg Eastman’s drum line, and almost $7,000 for a new Career Pathways Health Class, under leadership of school nurse Stacey Shoemaker and other projects).

     MSEF thanks the community for its support:  MSEF recently received the following note of thanks for the copier purchased for the Mount Shasta High School library.

     “To the Mt. Shasta Education Foundation, We greatly appreciate the donation to Mount Shasta High School and cannot thank you enough! Before this grant, our students did not have access to a copier on campus. The only copy machine was in the staff room which requires a special code for staff use only. Students are now able to use the copier, located in the library, whenever they need which has been very beneficial with end of the year projects and presentations due. Furthermore, since some students do not have printers at home nor transportation to the copy store downtown, they are appreciating the convenience and immediate access it provides. Thank you again for this and the many donations over the years that have benefited the students of Mount Shasta High School.

     Sincerely, Lula Campbell”

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