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Board Members



Jocette Fugitt, President

Amy Hippler, Vice President: I’m honored to be part of the Mount Shasta Education Foundation. I joined this group to help provide the children in our community with a positive and enhanced learning environment.

Since joining the MSEF board, I’ve been amazed at the dedication of this group and all the hard work they put into helping as many teachers and children as possible through supporting school projects. Of course, none of their efforts would succeed without the generosity of the local businesses community and individuals who also believe in our children and the importance of their education.

Trisca Halterman, Secretary:  

Malou Shannon, Treasurer: When my husband and I decided to move back to Mt. Shasta to raise our son, one of our goals was to get involved with the community. MSEF is one of the organizations I decided to join because I liked their mission of helping children achieve their potential. I really enjoy being part of MSEF.

Thea Cowsky :


Laurie Johnson :

Truely Hutchinson: Last year I attended MSEF board meetings as a guest and discovered how devoted--which translates into hard work--this group is toward the foundation's mission. I look forward to being a part of this team and connecting in 2019 to support our schools.

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