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Our Contributions

Since 1995, the Mt. Shasta Education Foundation (MSEF) has raised over $500,000 for Mt. Shasta public schools: Mt. Shasta Elementary, Sisson, Mt. Shasta High School, and Jefferson High School. These funds from MSEF provide programs, supplies, and instruction that would not otherwise be funded. As a result, our students benefit from more opportunities and an enhanced education experience.


Endowment funds granted in January 2018:


  • Supplies to transform a portable building into a science classroom for all teachers to utilize with their students at Mt. Shasta Elementary

  • New balls for intramural sports at Sisson  

  • Cement picnic table for students to enjoy while outdoors at Sisson

  • 12 new wind instruments for the Sisson music program

  • Sewing machine, seating stools, and supplies for Sisson’s Makerspace 

  • 9’ x 17’ greenhouse structure for plants and science lab at Sisson  

  • Updated sound system for the music room (stereo receiver and speakers) at Mt. Shasta High School

  • 7 DSLR cameras, bags, and SD cards for the new Photography and Media arts design classes at Mt. Shasta High School

  • Copier, toner, and paper for student and staff use in the library at Mt. Shasta High School



                            MSEF Grant Cycle: March 2018


  • Keva Planks, STEM kits and Scholastic books for Kindergarten classes at Mt. Shasta Elementary school

  • 122 Library books for the library at Mt. Shasta Elementary

  • 2 high quality speakers for indoor and outdoor use in PE and other activities

  • Art DVD's and associated material for teacher instruction and student success in Art class at MSE

  • 24 pints of glaze for Pottery classes at Sisson 

  • Makedo Cardboard kit for the Makerspace classroom at Sisson

  • A Security Ball Locker to hold/store equipment funded through the Endowment Grant for PE and recess at Sisson

  • Sisson Music Department: Repair of musical insturments...6 clarinets, 5 flutes, 2 saxophones and 2 trumpets

  • Plus, 3 new saxophone cases, an Orff Bass metallophone/vibraphone (chromatic/full keyboard), AND an updated sound system: Mix speakers, mic stand, mic cords, cables and a bass amp 

  • Shure Wireless microphone system for the Sisson cafeteria

  • 86 books for the Sisson Library

  • To benefit the Science classes at Mt. Shasta High School the dept was funded a Biology kit with 6 Vernier Electrodes

  • MSHS Music and Sports departments received new Drum Line equipment, 3 snare drums with harnesses and a bass drum

  • For the Digital Art and Media design class there is a new Canon color printer at the Mt. Shasta High School

  • A new Pathways in Health class at the MSHS was awarded scrubs, manikins, a wheelchair, IV stands, thermometers, stethoscopes and BP cuff

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