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2014 Starlight Gala Donors

2014 Gala Auction listings!

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Dustin

Silent Items

101        Alpine Business More info tk

        Donor Value: Priceless!

102        Nancy Ziller Portrait Session

Donor: Nancy Ziller Photography        Donor Value: $180.00

103        Umpqua Chest-Pack (fishing gear)

Donor: Ted Fay Fly Shop        Donor Value: $109.99

104        One Year of Pepsi Beverage

Donor: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Mt. Shasta        Donor Value: $260.00

105        Ride Along With MSPD!

Donor: Mt. Shasta Police Department        Donor Value: $150.00

106        Personalized In-Office Teeth Whitening

Donor: Christopher Carney &  Dr.        Donor Value: $450.00

107        McCloud Golf Course for Four

Donor: McCloud Golf Club        Donor Value: $100.00

108        Wading Staffs

Donor: Hart’s Guide Service        Donor Value: $105.00

109        Unique Hair Design Gift Basket

Donor: Wendy Berg        Donor Value: $100.00

110        Tea Lover’s Basket

Donor: Sereni-Tea        Donor Value: $46.00

111        Automotive Work From Brook’s

Donor: Brook’s Complete Auto Repair        Donor Value: $265.00

112        “Frozen Beauty”

Donor: The Gallery in Mt. Shasta        Donor Value: $350.00

113        Auto Enthusiast Fun

Donor: Shasta Auto Supply        Donor Value: $100.00

114        Hand Knit Men’s Alpaca Sweater

Donor: Weston’s Quilting and Gifts        Donor Value: $300.00

115        $100 Gift Certificate to Directions

Donor: Directions        Donor Value: $100.00

116        Asian Medicine With Lynn Lloyd, L.Ac

Donor: Lynn Lloyd Asian Medicine        Donor Value: $70.00

117        Reds From the Cross Wine Cellar

Donor: Jim & Jolene Cross        Donor Value: $350.00

118        Dog’s Gift Basket

Donor: Mt. Shasta Animal Hospital        Donor Value: $115.00

119        Duct Cleaning Service

Donor: Ray-Mac Mechanical        Donor Value: $600.00

120        Ten-Yard Load of Sousa Aggregate

Donor: Sousa Ready Mix        Donor Value: $230.00

121        Mineral Baths and Thai Dinner

Donor: Stewart Mineral Springs and Andaman Healthy Thai Cuisine

        Donor Value: $100.00

122        Craftsman Wet Dry Vac

Donor: Ramshaw’s Ace Hardware        Donor Value: $54.99

123        Five Amy Cooper Yoga Classes

Donor: Shasta Yoga Institute        Donor Value: $60.00

124        Mountain Escape Package

Donor: Sacred Mountain Spa        Donor Value: $110.00

125        Metal Art With Cow and Dog Motif

Donor: Henry Barnes        Donor Value: $50.00

126        Three Homemade Desserts

Donor: Suzanne van Summern        Donor Value: $150.00

128        Silver Opal Pendant

Donor: Exquisite Jewelry        Donor Value: $140.00

129        Tomato Envy

Donor: Tomato Envy        Donor Value: $96.00

130        Three Private Pilates Lessons

Donor: White Mountain Pilates        Donor Value: $175.00

131        Women’s Caravelle Watch

Donor: Edward Jones        Donor Value: $100.00

132        Fresh Sockeye Salmon

Donor: John & Denise Hines        Donor Value: $44.00

133        Ultimate Car Care

Donor: Derek Berg, Mt. Shasta Tire Factory and Cascade Glass Company

        Donor Value: $144.00

134        $500 at Berryvale

Donor: Berryvale Grocery        Donor Value: $500.00

135        90-Minute Malou Massage

Donor: Malou Shannon        Donor Value: $75.00

136        Shasta Lilies and Native Grounds

Donor: John Hansen and Native Grounds Nursery & Garden Center

        Donor Value: $100.00

137        Fisherman Metal Art

Donor: Henry Barnes        Donor Value: $50.00

138        Ashland Adventure

Donor: Oak Street Cottages

        Donor Value: $395.00

139        Watercolor Class Series With Chris Messer

Donor: Snow Creek Studios        Donor Value: $100.00

140        Milwaukee Tool Kit

Donor: Timberworks        Donor Value: $148.00

141        Dogwood Diner Dinner for Two

Donor: Dogwood Diner        Donor Value: $100.00

143        Forest Motif Metal Art

Donor: Henry Barnes        Donor Value: $50.00

144        Three Private Pilates Lessons

Donor: White Mountain Pilates        Donor Value: $175.00

145        Sonicare Diamond Care Toothbrush

Donor: Dr. Ferrari Dentistry        Donor Value: $138.00

146        Belgian Deluxe Facial

Donor: Jerilyn’s Aesthetics        Donor Value: $65.00

147        A Night In

Donor: Dos Geckos and Couch Critics Movies and Games

        Donor Value: $50.00

148        Fitness, Massage, Mani

Donor: Susan Anderson, CMT, Studio B and Mountain Fitness

        Donor Value: $140.00

149        Fun on the Mountain

Donor: The Sportsmen’s Den and Mt. Shasta Board & Ski Park

        Donor Value: $154.00

150        Movies and Burger Express

Donor: Couch Critics Movies and Games and Burger Express

        Donor Value: $55.00

151        3 Revitalight LED Treatments

Donor: Jerilyn’s Aesthetics        Donor Value: $115.00

152        Original Satariano Etching

Donor: Pat Satariano        Donor Value: $100.00

153        12v Compact Driver Kit

Donor: Timberworks        Donor Value: $108.00

154        Another Ten-Yard Load of Aggregate

Donor: Sousa Ready Mix        Donor Value: $230.00

155        Homemade Blackberry Jam

Donor: Malou Shannon        Donor Value: $110.00

156        Weather Alert Radio

Donor: John’s Satellite Radio Shack        Donor Value: $39.99

157        Beginner Art Set for Kids

Donor: Velvet Elephant Art Center and Fair Trade Emporium        Donor Value: $70.00

158        90-Minute Massage by Jen Wood

Donor: White Mountain Pilates        Donor Value: $125.00

159        “Sleeping Beauty” by Karrie Ann Snure

Donor: Living Shasta Photography        Donor Value: $400.00

160        Spoil Your Small Dog

Donor: Top Dawg Grooming and Noah’s Ark Feed Barn

        Donor Value: $115.00

161        Iris Bulbs and Garden Extras

Donor: Spring Hill Nursery and Kris Ellingson &  Marsha Napier

        Donor Value: $127.00

162        Pearl Bracelet & Flower Earrings

Donor: Jon Thomas Fine Jewelry        Donor Value: $1,225.00

163        Quiet Moments

Donor: Village Books, Coffee Connection, Weston’s Quilting and Gifts and Mowat Apiaries

        Donor Value: $95.00

164        Pamper and Dinner

Donor: Phuket Thai Cuisine, Studio B and Mowat Apiaries

        Donor Value: $75.00

165        Fish Motif Metal Art

Donor: Henry Barnes        Donor Value: $50.00

166        Dinner and Overnight in Mt. Shasta

Donor: Wayside Grill and Mt. Shasta Ranch B&B

        Donor Value: $185.00

167        Massage and Wayside Dinner

Donor: Wayside Grill and Susan Anderson, CMT

        Donor Value: $120.00

168        Floral Arrangement From Mt. Shasta Florist

Donor: Mt. Shasta Florist        Donor Value: $50.00

169        Floral Arrangement From Petals

Donor: Petals Flower Shop        Donor Value: $75.00

Live Items

201        Triple Berry Pie and Ice Cream

Created and donated by Malou Shannon.

Donor: Malou Shannon        Donor Value: Priceless!

202        Apple Walnut Tart With Maple Custard

Created and donated by Jocette Fugitt.

Donor: Jocette Fugitt        Donor Value: Priceless!

203        Rum Cake With Pecan Crumble

Created and donated by Carey Clure.

Donor: Carey Clure        Donor Value: Priceless!

204        Raspberry Cheesecake

Created and donated by Alisa Johnson.

Donor: Alissa Johnson        Donor Value: Priceless!

205        Chocolate Truffle Cake

Created and donated by Sara Erickson.

Donor: Sara Erickson        Donor Value: Priceless!

206        Scrumptious Carrot Cake

Created and donated by Stephanie Nuti.

Donor: Stephanie Nuti        Donor Value: Priceless!

207        Lemon Meringue Pie

Created and donated by Marni Posl.

Donor: Marni Posl        Donor Value: Priceless!

208        Key Lime Cheesecake

Created and donated by Beverly Shannon.

Donor: Beverly Shannon        Donor Value: Priceless!

209        Chocolate Macadamia Coconut Biscotti

Created and donated by Terri Rosetto.

Donor: Terri Rosetto        Donor Value: Priceless!

210        Chocolate Ganache Cake

Created and donated by Dr. Beth Stelz.

Donor: Dr. Beth Stelz        Donor Value: Priceless!

401        Elegant Picnic

Six-foot Port Orford Cedar picnic table with attached benches, from the great people at the Siskiyou Opportunity Center. Salad kit includes salad bowl; beaded fork and spoon; olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Donor: Laurie Caldwell and Siskiyou Opportunity Center

        Donor Value: $275.00

402        Dinner for Four at Lily’s — Four Times

Dine with three other guests once each season for a year at fantastic Lily’s. Dinner includes alcohol!

Donor: Lily’s        Donor Value: $1,000.00

403        Giant Escape 500

Built with an ALUXX aluminum frame and a wide range of easy-to-operate gearing, Escape is a fun, efficient way to leave your daily stresses behind. Its smooth-rolling 700c wheels and stable frame geometry make it fast and sporty enough for a fitness routine, and comfortable enough to commute or just cruise.

Donor: The Fifth Season & Doris Moss Realty        Donor Value: $500.00

404        Lake Siskiyou Resort and More

Two-night, four-person stay in a large cabin at Lake Siskiyou Resort. Also included is a two-hour large patio boat rental. Valid 4/1/15-10/31/15; except July 4th holiday. Mt. Shasta Guide to Fun will tell guests about fun activities in Mt. Shasta.

Donor: Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort and Mount Shasta Guide to Fun

        Donor Value: $466.00

405        Four Disneyland and California Adventure Passes

The Park Hopper passes are valid during normal operating hours and provide admission to a magical experience at both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park for one day. Not valid Dec. 25-31; expires 8/26/16.

Donor: Disneyland        Donor Value: $600.00

406        Dinner for 12 at Cafe Maddalena

Chef Brett LaMott, owner of Cafe Maddalena, will design a menu for twelve, with multiple courses and specially selected wines. The dinner will take place on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening, when the restaurant is closed to everyone else.

Donor: Cafe Maddalena        Donor Value: Priceless!

407        Amazing Bodhana

Four nights for up to 10 people at Bodhana, an amazing Mount Shasta retreat. Bodhana is located at 1493 Holiday Lane, Mount Shasta. Not available June through August, holidays. Expires 10/1/15.

Cleaning of Bodhana rental provided by Terra and Lance Yaeger.

Donor: Bodhana, LLC and Terra & Lance Yaeger

        Donor Value: $2,150.00

408        La-Z-Boy Recliner

Relax in style with a fabric recliner from Ron’s Furniture and Appliance.

Donor: Ron’s Furniture and Appliance        Donor Value: $600.00

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